The certified hemp seed must be purchased from authorized retailers, since at the moment it is allowed to cultivate only some varieties of hemp, selected to have a THC content (one of the 140 cannabinoids currently identified in the inflorescence) lower than 0.20% (Italian Reference Law:   242 del 2016).

Since 2017 we have registered the on-line presence of numerous certified seed retailers who sell at exorbitant prices and put the buyers at risk as they do not comply with the current regulations regarding the commercialization of seed for sowing.


1. Seeds of authorised hemp varieties (with THC less than 0.20%) are registered in the European Seed Register and are certified by the original (non-photocopied) card on the bag.

2. The original bag with a card that certifies the variety and the purchase invoice, are documents that must be kept (Law 242 of 2016) and presented to the control agency of your Country, that should request it.

3. For all buyers from countries outside Italy: it is important to check the regulations in the Country in which you intend to sow hemp in order to avoid legal problems relating to the plant and its cultivation.

Any seeds obtained from your harvest cannot be re-seeded, but must be purchased each year from an authorized retailer. The seeds obtained from your harvest can be used for food or for oil and flour production, after microbiological analysis.


From November of each year it is possible to reserve the seed supply. How?
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Please note that the quote is the official document for booking the seeds and it will be sent in January. By March/April the seed will be delivered throughout Italy by courier (Outside Italy: please get in touch with our office to agree the delivery by sending an e-mail to:

If you need technical assistance, write to: A team of experts will help you to learn more about all aspects of the hemp supply chain in Italy.

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