Radici is the word most used by the South Tyrolean brand Salewa, a brand of the prestigious Oberalp Group, since 1981 distributor of high quality clothing and sports equipment on the Italian market.

And speaking of roots, those of hemp, this time, have dug deep in search of nutrients that allow them to produce energy to reach even the highest peaks. Canapuglia and Salewa have thus come up with an exclusive product that transforms those roots into wings, into dreams.

The dark chocolate and hemp bar is a concentrate of proteins, omega 3 and 6 (thanks to the oil and seeds) and all the energy of strictly dark cocoa, with craftsmanship made in Italy.

A collaboration that comes from the same vision of contact with nature and with the roots of man, who has always climbed the mountains and cultivated hemp to make food, fabrics, paper, medicines, building materials in full respect of the environment.
As friends of Salewa Milano store tell us, hemp is not only to wear but also to eat!