Purchase of certified hemp seeds

The certified hemp seed must be purchased from authorized dealers since at the moment the cultivation of only some varieties of hemp is allowed, selected to have a THC content (one of the 140 cannabinoids currently identified in the inflorescence) lower than 0.20% (v . Law 242 of 2016 ). Since 2017 we have registered the online presence of numerous certified seed dealers who sell at exorbitant prices and put the purchaser at risk as they do not comply with current regulations regarding the marketing of sowing seeds.

In summary:

1. The seeds of authorized hemp varieties (with THC less than 0.20%) are registered in the European Seed Register and are certified by the original ( not photocopied ) tag on the bag.

2. The original bag with a tag that certifies the variety and the purchase invoice are documents that must be kept ( Law 242 of 2016 ) and presented to the control body that requests it.

3. The communication to the police must be sent by registered letter with return receipt, by certified e-mail or delivered in person to the CC station or State Forestry Corps of the municipality in which the hemp is grown, within 10 days from the emergence of the plants ( sowing communication module ). This is not mandatory but we highly recommend it to avoid any inconvenience.

Any seeds obtained from your own crop cannot be re-sown, but must be purchased every year from an authorized dealer. The seeds obtained from their own harvest can be used for food purposes or for the production of oil and flour, after microbiological analysis.

Controls are entrusted to the State Forestry Corps. The farmer is relieved of any responsibility if the cultivation has a THC content higher than 0.2% and lower than 0.6%, as established by the new legislation.


From November of each year it is possible to book the supply of semen. How?

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The varieties present can be viewed here

We remind you that in order to sell the product of the cultivation, it is necessary to buy the seed with agricultural VAT number. With the purchase from a private individual (providing name, surname, residence and tax code), it will be possible to carry out only experimental crops for private use (without the possibility of selling the product)

We remind you that the quote represents the official seed booking document. This is sent out in January. The semen will be delivered throughout Italy by courier by March / April.

PS If you need technical assistance, write to training@canapuglia.it. A team of experts can help you learn about all aspects of the hemp supply chain in Italy.

If you have any other doubts or uncertainties:

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