This is what is happening in Conversano, a town located a few kilometers from the Apulian sea, for the purchase of a wood.
It is 66,000 square meters of land in the town of Monteferraro.

An action that starts from the bottom and aims to raise funds for removing the forest from tents and toxic agricultural practices giving it back to the community as an uncontaminated meeting place.

In fact, the wood is home to a majestic oak, exactly a fragno, a tree that for its age (secular) could tell us the story of this magical place.

Once the purchase amount is reached, it will be used as educational place, for small acoustic concerts, dances, cultural meetings, ethnobotanical walks.

Our territory is now devastated by man, in fact, walking in the Conversano countryside, the thing that catches the eye the most is a large expanse of plastic, the tents of the table grape growers.

We certainly could not hold back, in this moment more than ever, we must try to " return the land to the Earth ", so we decided to contribute and spread the project, becoming co-owners of the forest.

Are you also interested in making this dream come true?

You can participate in the purchase of the forest with a minimum fee of 100 euros in favor of the Rizomi ODV Association

IBAN code: IT96A0501804000000017119231
Reason: Donation for common good forest + Name and Surname
Banking institute: Banca Etica Branch of Bari
Send an email with the payment receipt to the email address: