Chewing, rooting and exploring are everyday behaviors of pigs of all ages; if pigs were not free to act according to these three natural rules, they could assume anomalous or even violent attitudes, such as tail and ear biting, which compromise their physical and psychological well-being.

How to remedy? With the use of so-called manipulable enrichment materials of natural origin. Just like hemp!

And with what results? With a decisive lowering of the load of stress factors in favor of the psychophysical well-being of the animal, according to the guidelines of the Manual for the assessment of pig welfare on farm, published by the Ministry of Health in August 2019 ( http: //www.salute / imgs / C_17_publications_2875_attached.pdf ).

The pig is an example provided by the Bosco della Cascina di Frassineto (Po) farm, which has chosen the ropes of CanaPuglia to make its animals feel good (and indeed the pigs seem really happy to play with them!).

see the video here

Not only pigs but all animals can take advantage of the natural benefits of hemp ropes, made entirely with natural fiber deriving from the stem of the plant, very robust and well finished, easy to handle and completely biodegradable. For animals, these are tools to aid chewing, eco-friendly and non-toxic in case of ingestion.

From CanaPuglia they are available in different diameters ( )