Welcome lovers of food and gastronomic innovation, ready to immerse yourself in a haunted culinary experience?!
On the occasion of Halloween, we present you a breathtaking selection of unique and quick recipes with the " Streghe of CanaPuglia" - irresistible savory crackers with hemp flour and pumpkin seeds, perfect for adding an enchanted touch to your party menu.

Handmade in Puglia, these witches will delight your senses with their irresistible fragrance and unmistakable crunchiness.

Our Witches, perfect for a tasty aperitif with friends, prove to be a versatile option to celebrate the festive atmosphere of Halloween.
We've teamed up with renowned food blogger Polpoarricciato to bring you an extraordinary mix of recipes that showcase this product at its best.

Whether you are a sea lover or passionate about land-based dishes, there is something special for you all.

Three tasty seafood recipes

Preparation time: 20 min
Execution: Intermediate
Ingredients: Andria burrata, pachino tomatoes, prawns, courgettes, octopus, carrots, aubergines, cuttlefish, bacon.

1. Streghe - Burrata, grated frozen pachino tomato with prawns
Take a fresh burrata and place it delicately on the witch, carefully add the succulent prawns and sprinkle everything with the grated frozen pachino tomato to give a touch of freshness

2. Witches - Poor-style courgettes with octopus and carrot salad
To bring Puglia into our hearts and stomachs we cannot forget Mr. Octopus. Cut the courgettes into thin slices and cook them with oil in a pan (poor style) to create a delicious base. Add octopus to salad for a touch of flavor and crunchy carrots for a contrast of textures. A dish that combines the delicacy of courgettes with the crunchiness of octopus and the sweetness of carrots.

3. Witches - aubergines in oil, cuttlefish salad and bacon powder
Choose succulent, pickled aubergines for a base full of flavour. Gently combine them with the cuttlefish salad for a mix of marine flavours. Finally, sprinkle a light dose of bacon powder for a smoky touch that balances the dish perfectly

Two Earth delicacies

Hemp witches gourmet land recipe

Preparation time: 15 min
burrata from Andria, pachino tomato, cardoncello mushroom, bacon, courgettes

1. Witches - Burrata, grated frozen tomato, Cardoncello mushroom and bacon powder
Start with the creamy burrata as a base for our hemp witches and delicately combine the delicious Cardoncello mushrooms for a touch of earthy flavour. Finally, add grated frozen tomatoes for an unmistakable freshness and sprinkle a light bacon powder for a crunchy touch that completes this refined dish.

2. Witches - burrata, grated frozen tomato, poor-style courgettes
Start with a base of burrata and add grated frozen tomatoes for a sweetness that blends with the smooth texture of the burrata. Gracefully combine the courgettes with the poor one for a touch of simplicity that enhances the natural flavors of this dish.


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polpoarricciato food blogger from Puglia

Polpoarricciato is a food blogger from Puglia in constant search of healthy and 0 km food, between farms and marinas, he delights in discovering recipes and popular dishes.