Can you imagine a rope that unites Berlin, Madrid and Mottola in a single intertwining? We at CanaPuglia yes, a love knot for the environment , a dream made by hemp. Last November we hosted 72 girls from three educational institutions in the cities of as many different states for the Erasmus + “European Heritage and Sustainability” project. Spanish, German and Apulian students together to reflect and discuss the topic of pollution through the development of a sustainable active citizenship. We accompanied them to the pharmaceutical laboratory, partner of CanaPuglia, where we explained to them the properties of the plant, its history, its Italian roots, the culture of cultivation up to the second half of the twentieth century. And then the ability of hemp to be multifunctional, multipurpose, the vegetal pig and of which nothing is thrown away. A plant as beautiful and strong as the others, demonized and attacked for purely economic interests aimed at more profitable but also more impacting materials on the environment. They touched it, smelled it, tasted it through the tasting of seeds, taralli, puff pastries, friselline, focaccia and chocolate. All based on hemp seeds and flour. The boys were enthusiastic in discovering a reality like ours and joined the "GROW YOUR FUTURE" project (for more info ), cultivate your future. It is a sustainable idea that provides for the distribution of a blister of 1000 certified hemp seeds with which anyone , throughout Europe, can sow hemp according to the law. With the package it is possible to cover an area of ​​about 20m2, potentially managing to sequester 20kg of CO2, in just five months, the same amount that a car puts in on average (150gCO2 / Km) every 150 Km.

We estimate that, for next year, students will be able to seize a ton and a half of CO2, in just 5 months, the same quantity introduced by a plane with 88 passengers traveling from Milan to Pavia, round trip.

And the issue of sustainable development is finally also at the center of education policies. A few days ago, Minister Fioramonti announced that from next September all schools will devote 33 hours a year, about an hour a week, to issues relating to climate change ( / 11/05 / news / fioramonti_from_september_the_climate_sara_material_of_studio_a_schuola-240307556 /).

Getting involved in what is happening around us, thinking about the future and not ignoring the environment in which we live is one of the values ​​that the school must deliver to its students. And CanaPuglia offers itself as a promoter of the message through its formative activity.

So why not plant it? Let's take action? Join the Grow your Future movement, there is no planet B.


Join us and take part in the change too.
Together we can make a difference!

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