Disinformation and prejudice run the risk of perpetrating the same damage as pollution.

Hemp is a healthy, non-harmful plant.

She is, like all her sisters, born from the belly of Nature.

And, like all good daughters, she is generous and respectful of the family home, planet Earth.

One hectare of hemp seizes , in about 5 months , the CO2 of 300 poplar trees in a year , with the numerous variables of the case. Reclamation and purification of the soil preparing it to host subsequent crops that will benefit from the organic substance released.

In the last two years CanaPuglia has supplied certified seeds to about 1000 farms , in all Italian regions, in 15 states in Europe and Canada, contributing to the sowing of an area of about 2000 hectares.

Translated into numbers, these crops could have contributed to the seizure of 20,000 tons of Co2.

We had an idea: why not give ordinary citizens, not just farms, the opportunity to grow hemp for private use, helping to sequester the major climate-altering agent, carbon dioxide?

GROW YOUR FUTURE! This is the name of a project created for the distribution of a blister of 1000 certified hemp seeds with which anyone, throughout Europe, can sow hemp according to the law.

With the package it is possible to cover an area of about 20m2, potentially managing to sequester 20kg of CO2, in just five months, the same amount that a car puts in on average (150gCO2 / Km) every 150 Km.

So why not plant it? Let's take action?

Join the Grow your Future movement, there is no planet B.


EU certified hemp seed blisters of 20 grams with original ENSE tag are also available for retailers. For info and costs info@canapuglia.it