The Ukrainian folk-techno group " Go_A " performed yesterday, in world premiere, with their song " SHUM ": a true hymn to hemp . In fact the refrain of the track reads "Siyu, siyu, siyu, siyu konopelechky, Siyu, siyu, siyu, siyu zelenesen'ki" or "sowing, sowing, sowing, sowing hemp plants, sowing, sowing, sowing, sowing the green ones" .

While once again we realize that in the rest of Europe hemp is no longer censored but brought to light up to competitions like these, in Italy we continue to fight against a state that prefers to put a spoke in the wheels of companies like our own rather than encouraging its development.

The last attack we received was the blocking of a well-known Italian express courier against our products deemed "illegal", not to mention the blocking of the e-commerce payment service and the company POS.

But we do not give up but "we continue to sow hemp, the green one .."