The well-known radio speaker, Max Boccasile, proves it to us. Watch the video

Thanks to our 100% hemp feed derived from the residual cake of the cold pressing of hemp seeds , the eggs of the hens are bigger, tastier and healthier.

Our feed has been specifically designed to meet the needs of all those who raise hens and birds at a domestic and professional level.

Hemp is an excellent supplement for zootechnical use, important for animal welfare and much appreciated by birds.

Several studies conducted on hemp-fed hens show the marked improvement in egg production, as they have a higher Omega-3 and 6 fat content than those obtained from hens with conventional nutrition. In addition to a considerable increase in weight and size of the egg itself.

As evidenced by the analyzes carried out by the CRAB of Avezzano (Consortium of Researches Applied to Biotechnology); and the scientific study published in the Journal of Consumer Protection and Food Safety , the first to compare hemp with other sources of Omega fats.

Including in the daily diet up to 50% of the total meal, enriches the eggs with polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 Omega 6 Omega 9

Max from March 2021 has decided to implement the feeding of his chickens with our hemp feed and by the hour he has never stopped using it.

Max rediscovered hemp, even using it as a litter with hemp and as mulch in his incubator with raw hemp fiber .

History of the Manufacturer:

I'm Max Boccasile , 38 years old and a life spent in the spotlight.
I am a radio speaker and an author who has made irony his trademark.
After a series of ups and downs in my private life that have also generated some legends about me (all true of course) I decided to retire to the countryside and devote myself to the bucolic life.
I started raising chickens because of a cat. I'll explain briefly. Living alone I would have liked to have a pet, having always had sluts, (I'm serious) I thought about changing animals and getting a cat. The problem was that the owner of the house I live in did not want me to take one as it could ruin the furniture, so I asked if I could opt for a dog ... even the dog did not suit him. I relaunched with the owl, I wanted a nice owl ... and no, not even the owl ... the monkey is not legal in Italy and so it was that, since I had a campaign available, I decided to build a small chicken coop with chickens.
Working as an art director in a large communications agency, I had to build it in the free minutes I had. It took me 3 months but in the end I succeeded, helped by some friends and my caregiver Arcangelo called “Il bombone”.
I wanted to build something to share with my son Luca, (what for those who follow me on the facebook page @MBfarmBari , know that I call "the chicken coop dwarf") something beautiful, eco-sustainable, healthy and green ... and so it was .
Browsing the net in search of alternative breeding methods, I discovered the benefits of hemp in animal care and feeding, and it was at that precise moment that the meeting with the Canapuglia boys took place.
Following their advice and enriching a diet based on fresh vegetables, grits and fruit with hemp products, I noticed something unexpected; The EGGs produced by my hens were bigger, heavier and above all tastier. I didn't say it, but the people who ate them and who asked me more and more.
According to some researches, eggs obtained from animals fed with hemp have a very low cholesterol content, are rich in polyunsaturated fats and omega 3 and omega 6.
My project is to build a free range organic farm for raising hens outdoors but with a system that will combine tradition with Smart technology, obviously all with Canapuglia hemp at the forefront.
The various products obtained from this miraculous plant seem to have been studied precisely for the breeding of poultry.
As soon as my chicks are born, they can rest their paws on the canapulo, then once they become bigger we will add short hemp fiber to the hemp that, in the future, will form the base of the alcoves for when they will lay the first eggs.
What more can I say? I put love in it, it's time to make my animals happy… they repay me with eggs that have no equal… try to believe.

Max Boccasile