The collaboration with Le Lunae is born: " the pillows of well-being "

Our collaboration was born in a very complex period, in fact we started the latter in 2020.
We are really excited to collaborate with Le Lunae, a dynamic, competent and innovative reality with which we are sure to be able to develop a mutually profitable project from here on.

Thanks to the supply of our 100% hemp fabrics, Le Lunae have developed the first hemp and linseed eye pillow, increasingly used during yoga therapies.

In fact, weights are often used that help to relax very deeply and relieve tension from those parts of the body on which you go to act through them. The use of a weight to be applied to the body allows to obtain a profound therapeutic effect.

This is where the Lunae wellness cushions come into play.

They help to relax and soothe the muscles and skin of the eyes and face, thanks to the weight of the seeds that gently press on the eyes and temples. It is amazing how quickly the whole body relaxes thanks to such pressure on the eyes. Placing the pillow over your eyes helps you to quickly immerse yourself in Shavasana at the end of the class (the final relaxation position in yoga practice).

It is also an exceptional support for pranayama in the prone position (pranayama - techniques of concentration and awareness of breathing). With its help, one can easily and naturally direct attention to the body first, then to breathing, and practice distraction-free breathing techniques.

credit : Le Lunae Blog