Environment and health concern the planet but also man.

For centuries, to get better, people from all over the world have grown hemp to dress, feed and heal themselves. It is traced back to the Neolithic and Herodotus also talked about it in 500 BC Napoleon was fascinated by the sedative and curative powers of cannabis. Hemp itself is part of the pharmacopoeia of the greatest medical scholars of all time.

Man and populations have always been interested in its cultivation, therefore, beyond purely opportunistic and commercial prejudices. And on World Population Day , which is celebrated every July 11 to raise awareness of demographics such as the importance of family birth control, gender equality, poverty, maternity health and human rights, cannabis becomes fundamental tool for the sustenance of underdeveloped peoples, providing, with its seed, proteins and unsaturated fats, as well as improving health and well-being through its multiple applications.

Hemp is for the people. Hemp is for the people. #population world day